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We are pioneers in designing convertible furniture for small spaces.

At Unamo design we create convertible furniture for small spaces to live life differently, taking full advantage of all that we have, knowing that space can be limited. We know that space may be a limitation in certain occasions, but this lack of space can be an opportunity to improve the quality of life

Some measure space by the time it takes to travel over it; what if we measure space not by time, but by the experiences it can give us?

“What gives a clay cup value is the empty space its walls create.” Lao-tsé

We design and manufacture convertible space saving furniture capable of getting the maximum out of any place, however small it may be.

Some People assume that a room of 30 square metres is their only option, with rooms in shared flats that become our own personal operations centres, needing to function as multi-purpose rooms, and offices where workers spend the majority of their day, longer than they would like, away from home…

Unamo design look for solutions that make life more pleasant no matter what we have to work with, designed for those who like to work in nice surroundings that function well and help to improve the mood.

Small spaces that grow with transformable furniture that transmits the unique identity of the user and maintains the logic of the air that the convertible design breathes into the minimalist lifestyle. Less is always more, and even more so when it brings us together instead of separating us.

Convertible Sofa Moody. Spacesaving couch / table by Unamo

Unamo design started working on the design of modular furniture for tight spaces after their own experience in a “minimalist” flat in Madrid.

The possibility that a piece of furniture can adapt to what we want, being an expandable and transformable piece, escapes the image of “cement furniture” that blocks our energy from flowing to the things that really interest us: having up to eight friends round for dinner, being able to go to bed and read that book while relaxing or doing group work on that project that takes hours.

Unamo design makes it possible for you to decide what you get out of a space without having to restrict it.

Below we will see different examples of convertible furniture for small spaces that you can find among the furniture designed by Humberto Navarro.

Transformable furniture for kids.

If you want to create a nice little play area in your living room, get the transformable desk in chair ESSENZA KIDS puzzle boards and kit younger children out with their own transformable seat at the table where they can let their imagination loose. You can easily put it away when finished to make space for new activities, or else leave them assembled so that your design decorates the space from any angle.

Space saving convertible sofas

With the transformable sofa MOODY you can invent a versatile space for two to four people to use for eating, working or relaxing. Envision it in your favourite colour and easily integrate it into your life, from the energising intensity of a yellow colour to the subtlety of a peaceful grey.

A lovely piece that adapts to the rhythm you mark out for it, just like 3MOODS, which is designed for spaces that are enjoyed by a larger number of users.

Unamo design’s furniture for tight spaces is suitable for even the most superior of mansions.

In designing and manufacturing it, we spare no effort on detail and quality, doing justice to every centimetre of space it takes up. That is the key to the minimalism we display at Unamo design.

We invite you to know our catalog of convertible furniture for small spaces.