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At UNAMO design, we swear by culture as a vehicle for generating experiences

At the end of May, we were visited by Sergio Carrión, a character that I knew straight away was going to be a key figure in the immediate future of the business. He presented a brand new project to me that he was setting up in the city of Valencia: 8000 Coronas.

On its webpage, it’s described as “An exclusive, private club that offers unique articles from expert antique dealers, innovative artists or excellent artisan works for any customer profile, anywhere in the world. A club for prospectors, a secret garden filled with beautiful and exceptional pieces just a click away”.

From the outset, I was fascinated and impressed at the same time. Sergio wanted UNAMO to form part of the amazing group of suppliers for this lavish bazaar, full of wonders. Antonio Girbés, Carmen Calvo, Francisco Reyes, Manolo Valdés, Antonio Saura, Rosemile Drewer, Vicente Gracia, Joan Miró, Pablo Picasso and Le Corbusier himself, amongst others. However, I would like to focus on a very special person, Marco Caparrós. It was at one of my meetings with Sergio that I got the chance to meet him. As soon as I entered his workshop the excitement set in. I’d never met such a great artist in person. Between Marco and UNAMO, you could say that it was love at first sight, and the feeling was so strong that we decided to do something together. The proposition was simple: create an exclusive piece for the launch of 8000 Coronas. The result of that collaboration: Curva2 Caparrós Label.

Sofa by Unamo. Curva2 black label

The Curva2 created by UNAMO together with Marco Caparrós is much more than a retro, asymmetrical, dynamic and bold sofa. It’s art and design with its eyes wide open. It’s wood smooth to the touch, wrapped in the sophistication of the velvety black night. A mosaic of expectant looks cast towards the stars and the person looking at them.

A piece that reflects the inspiration brought back from a thousand worlds that emerge between existence and imagination. A paintbrush fused with the expertise of the curve in this piece of furniture designed for daydreaming to music while winter and its elegance draw near.

Launched by moonlight in Valencia last Thursday, October 20th 2016, this piece is the result of using fabric as a canvas to embellish the sofa designed by Humberto Navarro for UNAMO with the magic brush strokes of the painter Marcos Caparrós, an infallible and incomparable match.

Sofa by Unamo. Curva2 black label