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Unamo design knows the value of a good design for stimulating the mind.
DISKOVER memory makes us think of a lotus flower that unfolds in perfect harmony, revealing a ton of gaming possibilities, integrating the functionality that the senses of sight and touch bring to cognitive development. DISKOVER memory is a neuro-rehabilitation tool for use in therapy, both in clinics and at home, designed with the help of an interdisciplinary team in order to guarantee that its operation is suitable for users that need to stimulate such fundamental aspects as planning and ordering tasks, attention, short-term memory, spoken and written language, speech, and communication.

Relearning by interacting and playing is possible with a tool that needs two players but can be played by up to four people, thanks to the system that allows you to play by taking turns. It’s a game of asking questions to third parties with visual support, and includes the option to play individually, with self-correction sheets available for download.

Neurorehabilitation tool and game Diskover memory.

The clinical neurorehabilitation tool has been put on trial working with different categories of children aged between 6 and 12 years old, with learning, attention span and/or self-regulation difficulties, a condition on the autism spectrum, or with difficulties with communication and language. The neuro rehabilitation tool gives an initial impression that’s really attractive to children, who spontaneously ask to or go to examine it, to investigate the interlocking system, the colours and the different textures of its surface. It’s a format that surprises and fascinates them, rendering it useful not only for therapeutic activities but also as a final booster in the session planning.

On the other hand, the design process has been guided from the start by the adult population, given that the idea arose as a solution for the personal necessity of one of our relatives with Alzheimer’s disease to enrich her time and daily activity. We wanted it to give her certain therapeutic benefits, originally simply entertainment and psychomotor (fine motor skills and bimanual coordination) benefits,. We wanted to follow the aesthetic of classic games, the quality and durability that our elders would have encountered in their childhood, and as such bring in an emotional, very positive and binding factor.

Neurorehabilitation tool and game Diskover memory.

The team of therapists at the home where Amparo, our grandmother, was staying observed that it could be useful for the other residents, with the design of DISKOVER memory cards as support for work that is more focused on a cognitive level, or different grip resistances on the pieces in order to vary the effort on the motor skills. Based on this, and on the experiences of different professionals who contributed from a variety of disciplines such as psychology, occupational therapy and speech therapy, the range of applications has broadened and the activities offered have increased.
DISKOVER memory, therefore, is the rehabilitation tool that provides support to any experienced professional with a vast number of activities where variability is determined by the different therapeutic approaches that come together in DISKOVER MEMORY. It’s also useful for users who do not have therapeutic experience and want to keep their relative company by way of effective rehabilitation activities, thanks to the simple and intuitive aid of the downloadable guides that UNAMO DESIGN make available and keep updated, with scientific substantiation and in a language that is accessible to everyone.