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Convertible Furniture for Kids.

We can say, without fear of contradiction, that what you are looking for, is a piece of design furniture for children that covers all your child’s needs; not just a piece that brightens up a happy environment in which to grow up, but one that also stimulates their senses and cognitive abilities.

Transformable Furniture for kids that keeps up with our little ones, exceeding the use that they want to make of them, because we know that a chair can become many things: a house, a shopping centre, a command centre, even an entire improvised zoo, and it’s also a necessary accompaniment to all their creativity when they sit down to read, to write their first letters (letters!) or to do maths with the sweets they got at the last party.

Implementing design in childhood is a way for adults to help their child realise the importance of having their own distinguishing features. It teaches the value of appreciating that the environment each person creates for themselves forms part of the human need to establish a boundary between the neutralising collective and the individual that has their own independence and adds diversity to the world, nurturing awareness of a colour palette that is essential for tolerant and inclusive coexistence.

pupitre infantil convertible de diseño

As well as accompanying us in the first stages of discovering our own identity, at UNAMO DESIGN we think that the performance and everyday usefulness of an object is the best excuse for children to learn about more than just the demands of daily life. To consider the conquest of independence as a friendly game and encourage them to accomplish it themselves with the least adult interference possible. How? With the simplicity of the motivation and variety evoked by the primary colours, the smooth caress of the surface of a table-top and its edges, putting together the ESSENZA KIDS chair puzzle, and the capacity to transform an element if we learn to broaden our point of view.

The point of view in question comes from the María Montessori educational trend and was acquired thanks to the work of a study team at UNAMO DESIGN that integrates, among other things, the insight of a Therapeutic Pedagogy teacher with many years of experience in handling children with different special education needs.

The conclusion drawn from promoting inclusive education and looking to ensure that each individual reaches their full potential is that no two people have the same talents and all of us possess our own strengths that need to be addressed. The design must provide tools to guide us through the difficult task of teaching kids to be happy and bringing out the best in each of them. Designs that expand or contract to allow us space to breathe at our own pace and teach younger children the value of being organised and knowing how to put the objects that we let into our environment to good use, without having these things become obstacles or a chain that prevents vital development in our homes.

pupitre infantil convertible de diseño

Choosing a piece of furniture like our transformable desk for kids ESSENZA KIDS or the 3MOODS transformable sofa is much more than good taste; it’s a philosophy for quality of life.