Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to purchase?
It is very simple, to complete the order, follow the steps on the website.
1.1) Simply sign up (create account);
1.2) Select the products you want (shopping cart);
1.3) Select the form of payment (credit card, bank transfer or PayPal) and… that’s it!
UNAMO design’s Customer Care Department will send the User a receipt for the purchase completed via e-mail. Furthermore, the client may request the corresponding invoice which will be sent by UNAMO design.
If you have any questions, please e-mail or call 964227065, we will respond with guaranteed speed and friendliness.

2. What does the shipping include?
– If your order is for the Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal) or the Balearic Islands, shipping will be free.
– The transport service does not include entrance to apartments, the products will be brought to the door of the house or establishment.
– For shipping to Europe or the Canary Islands, please consult the data sheet for each product.

3. Do the products offered include VAT?
The prices indicated on screen are in euro and include VAT and any other tax applicable and are the prices valid at each time.

4. How can I pay?
You can choose from the following payment options:
– Bank transfer. If you choose this method, in the order confirmation you will see the account number to make payment to. Once the payment receipt or the amount has been received, your order will be sent.
– Visa, Eurocard, Mastercard credit card. Management of these payments will be through the BBVA secure platform, therefore we will never avail of your data.
– PayPal. This is the easiest and most secure way of making online payments without revealing your credit card number. All you need is your e-mail address and password, and you can pay with the method that is most convenient at each time in a quick and secure manner.
– Financing. For high volume purchases, we study each case.
Contact us: Tlf. 961227065; e-mail:

5. Is there a minimum purchase amount?
In the product characteristics, there is a space that indicates the minimum purchase amount. In general, you can purchase one single unit except for some cases where there is a minimum quantity which are the units contained by the boxes as shipped by the manufacturer. In any case, ask us.

6. Do you have offers for the Contract sector?
UNAMO design is also a leader in project implementation. We study each case, offering competitive prices for high purchase volumes.
Interior and exterior design, high quality furnishings for hotels, restaurants, villas, tourist centres, embassies, government buildings, lounges and private residences.
We adapt to the needs of each project, guaranteeing a careful finish and exceptional quality which will make your project unique.
You can contact us in order to receive further information on any questions or suggestions by calling the telephone number 961227065 or by sending an e-mail to

7. I am an individual client, can I purchase?
Of course you can.
It is very simple, to complete the order, follow the steps on the website.

8. What are the merchandise delivery periods?
– The periods vary between 15 and 50 days, as they are made upon request and depend on the manufacturing time and the transport routes.
– We will notify you of the approximate delivery date in the data sheet of each product.
– The order status will be notified in each case. The reference number is sent by e-mail directly to the client as soon as the merchandise is sent to us.
– Forwarding: If the purchaser is not at the place of delivery to collect the order, after the second attempt shipping expenses of €60 will be charged.
Apart from this information, you can still contact us in order to receive further information on any questions or suggestions by calling the telephone number 961227065 or by sending an e-mail to

9. Can I purchase from the Canary Islands, Ceuta or Melilla?
You can purchase online with no problem at all, but the shipping to these places are not free. Consult the data sheet for each product to see the shipping cost.

10. Is the furniture original?
All of the products are original UNAMO design products.

11. Can I rely on the colours, woods and upholstering that I see on screen?
Although we have tried to describe the different finishes of all of the products in writing and reproduce them as reliably and accurately as possible, it is impossible for the samples on a website to be 100% reliable.

12. How can I understand the measurements for each product?
Although in some cases there are images with the product diagram, when you see three figures (for example: 10x15x10) in the measurements section, these are always indicated in centimetres and in the same order: width x depth x height.

13. Can I return the merchandise once received?
UNAMO design will accept returns made within the period of 7 working days from the date of receipt. The user (consumer) avails of 7 working days to exercise their right of withdrawal.
We notify the consumer that if the product is not returned in its original packaging, the product will be depreciated. Once the merchandise has been received in our warehouses, after an inspection of the conditions of the same, we will proceed with reimbursement depending on the form of payment used by the client. In any case, the shipping costs relative to this return of merchandise by the client will be covered by the client themselves.
In the case of a defective product, the seller must proceed, as corresponds, with the repair, replacement, discount or contract termination, all of which will be free for the consumer and user. The seller will be responsible for conformity defects that arise in the period of two years from the date of delivery. The consumer and user must notify the seller of the lack of conformity within the period of two months from the time they become aware of the same. There is also a reminder of the existence of a legal guarantee for conformity of the goods, the existence and conditions of the post-sales services and the commercial guarantees.
All of our products are sent by logistics and are insured (the period established by the insurance companies is of 24 hours from the date of receipt), therefore all claims related to breakage or loss must be notified to UNAMO design by telephone (961227065) or e-mail (, including digital photographs and a detailed description of the problem detected.
Please contact Customer Service (telephone: 961227065; e-mail: in order to obtain detailed instructions for return.

14. Legal jurisdiction:
The parties submit, by their choice, to the resolution of conflicts, rejecting any other jurisdiction, through the courts and tribunals of the user’s address. Furthermore, as an entity adhered to CONFIANZA ONLINE and under the terms of its Code of Ethics, in the case of disagreement related to the online contract and advertising, data protection and child welfare, the user may contact the extrajudicial disagreement resolution system of CONFIANZA ONLINE (