UNAMO is Humberto Navarro`s dream, a company which is pioneer in the design of multipurpose furniture, is the body of an idea that travels with a box for a heart, where someone placed three colors and three shapes so that they would never be bored.

A yellow pencil for UNAMO to find happiness, intelligence and energy through the strokes. A blue pencil, too, which brings peace of mind and dissipates fears, and one red one, full of passion and attraction to warmth and adventure.

UNAMO travels with its three colours, discovering how the existence can be composed and simplified, light and unfolded, an idea with panoramic vision that compares and scrutinises everything, because UNAMO is the idea that never stops learning and being amazed by climbing towards horizons that have yet to be materialised.

In its box, the circle serves as a steering wheel in the path of designs created with the objective of achieving perfection. The square recalls the four cardinal points for never getting lost and finding support in solid structures that are well-supported, firm, stable and resistant. The triangle is a symbol of exponential growth, of change in the correct direction, of the design that points upwards, with no roof or limit other than the imagination and persistence.

UNAMO never stops growing, with its beating box, excited, rhythmic, knowing that it is only carrying the necessary weight: skill, talent and a lot of love in its notebook.

“A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step”

Lao Tzu

“Humberto Navarro”

UNAMO is the brand founded by Humberto Navarro, a designer from Valencia whose heart is full of the sea, clear horizons and an adventurous spirit that yearns for the mountains.

He began his training as an interior designer in the Barreira school. He soon discovered, through his first opportunity in this field, the magic of decorating homes, hotels and restaurants, of taking the sense of the owners and mixing it with the property, seeking the maximum exponent through functional simplicity.

Later he completed a Masters in Website Design and a University specialisation course in Scenography for cinema, television and theatre, Ephemeral architecture and window dressing. His perspective and his Landscaping and Interior Design projects increased, coming into greater contact with work in exterior spaces.

Little by little, Humberto Navarro started to design his own furniture and configure the furnishings and the complementary elements himself for each of the projects that were commissioned to him, with the intention of reflecting his own personal seal in each space.

After completing an International Masters at the European Institute of Design, he travelled to Hong Kong, Germany, England and Italy and became full of curiosity and admiration for what creativity can lead to.

His passion for designing furniture that provides functional solutions is evident in the creation of the UNAMO brand, where Humberto started to design his first multifunctional pieces of furniture such as 3moods and essenza (2013).
The following year, he received the Finalist Prize in the international design competition #Launchbox, as well as the Young Talent Prize from the Valencian Community.

All of the transformable products and pieces of furniture by UnamoDesign are available through the online store and prepared to reach users all over Europe, to make life prettier and easier through furniture that creates other furniture that is a perfect small space solutions.

Transformable and multipurpose furniture for people that, like him, are in love with design and with top quality manufacturing.