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Space saving furniture small space solutions by Unamo.

Convertible sofas, transformable furniture for children, multifunctional and multipurpose furniture for small apartments and flats.

Convertible couche that turns into a table and bed, a chair for kids that also is into a desk and table that turns into a bar. Smart and functional furniture is the solution for people who lives in small spaces as apartaments or Little flats without compromising good taste and passion for design. Humberto Navaro designs nice pieces of cosy furniture with the goal of save valuable space in , bedrooms or work area.

These pieces of multifuncional transformable and space saving Furniture will prove that even something as mundane as a sofa or a desk for children can be turned into a piece of art in the hands of a skilled designer.

One of the coolest things about these space saving furniture is that the goal i being comfortable. Unamo always tires to find a balance between artistry and comfort.

Visit Unamo store and discover surprishingly multifunctional furniture and other Humberto Navarro designs.