Bowtie, configurable and adaptable furniture

BOWTIE call to the irreverent order, breaking the mould and loves to skip the conventional. Now that the traditional is the new modernity, with the ideas of the past and the future collapses to merge in new conceptions reinvented, unleashed.

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    It is evident that we are living the age of speed, undergoing continuos changes. Adaptability is an indispensable tool, we are moving from one country to another, looking for growth opportunities and the experience asked us plasticity. Same as our neurons adapts with the new learning, BOWTIE wants to grow with its user and adapts to its needs.

    BOWTIE is available for sale by single units that can be combined among themselves by a simple system of screws. The form of your composition will depends on how you put each Bowtie. With a simple turn of 90º we get the following Bowtie to combine perfectly with the other. With this marriage of the elements we can make grow our furniture as much as we need, creating irregular shapes with different heights and volumes. The versatility of the product allows you to create different kind of pieces of furniture starting from the unit of Bowtie: a coffee table, a bedside table, a room divider, a single shelving or a double one sided, etc….


    MDF board of 12mm thick, lacquered wit texture in the following colors: red, white, dark grey and black.


    Width 34cm, depth 34cm, height 35cm


    Clean the surface with a slightly damp cloth. It is recommended to pressure the screws periodically to ensure the fixing.

    Measures and weight of the packing

    Boxes: 1
    Total weight: 4 kg
    36cm x 36cm x 36cm

    “Relative look reveals the shapes that covets the curious eye”.


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