Terms and conditions

Point 1: The products offered in the Store, together with their characteristics and price, will appear on screen. The prices indicated on screen are in euro and include VAT and any other tax applicable and are the prices valid at each time.

Point 2: Once the purchase has been carried out, and in the shortest time possible, always before twenty four hours pass after the completion of the purchase, the Customer Service Department of UNAMO design will send an e-mail to the User with a receipt for the contract carried out. The order confirmation and purchase receipt will not be valid as invoices. Furthermore, the client has the right to receive, free of charge, the invoice on paper and digitally, when voluntarily or by legal obligation it is available in this format and has been expressly requested (can be requested by telephone or e-mail).
Point 3: UNAMO design reserves the right to cancel or suspend the sales operation in the event of situations that are beyond our control or the occurrence of a hostile situation.

Point 4: UNAMO design reserves the right to modify the information contained on the website and protects itself from price increases and tax changes.

Point 5: UNAMO design notifies that given the different digital reproduction contrasts on different browsers, and although we have tried to describe the different finishes of all of the products in writing and reproduce them as reliably and accurately as possible, it is impossible for the samples on a website to be 100% reliable. Returns will not be accepted for this reason.

Point 6: In the case of a defective product, UNAMO must proceed, as corresponds, with the repair, replacement, discount or contract termination, all of which will be free for the consumer and user. Our products comply with the highest design and quality standards. All manufacturing defects are guaranteed for two (2) years from the date of delivery. However, based on the provisions of Law 23/2003, July 10th, of Guarantees in the Sale of Consumer Goods, it will be presumed that all defects or errors that arise during the first 6 months from the date of receipt are due to manufacturing errors, and in this case, the product brand will be responsible for the same. For errors, defects or deficiencies after the period indicated, the client will be responsible for demonstrating that it is a manufacturing error and not a consequence of use. In the case of the existence of a manufacturing defect, we will be delighted to replace any defective piece or undelivered piece at the time of receipt of the merchandise, without any additional cost to you.

For all effects, the product will be understood to have been delivered on the date reflected on the delivery note.
– Returns: If you are not satisfied upon receipt of the order, there is a period of 48 hours to be counted from the date of receipt of the order to exercise your right to return. We notify the consumer that if the product is not returned in its original packaging, the product will be depreciated. Once the merchandise has been received in our warehouses, after an inspection of the conditions of the same, we will proceed with reimbursement depending on the form of payment used by the client. In any case, the shipping costs relative to this return of merchandise by the client will be covered by the client themselves.

Point 7: Shipping
– UNAMO design will previously notify the client of the status of their order for any possible delays caused by festive seasons and due to time off at the manufacturers. The delivery periods vary between 15 and 50 days, as they are made upon request and depend on the manufacturing time and the transport routes. The specific delivery time for each product is stated on the inside of the data sheet for each one, as not all products can be delivered with the same speed. The order status will be notified in each case. The reference number is sent by e-mail directly to the client as soon as the merchandise is sent to us. Forwarding: If the purchaser is not at the place of delivery to collect the order, after the second attempt shipping expenses of €60 will be charged.
– UNAMO design manages the transport. The shipping costs for the Iberian Peninsula and Balearic Islands are free! The transport service does not include entrance to apartments, the products will be brought to the door of the house or establishment. For shipping to Europe or the Canary Islands, please consult the data sheet for each product. The material is delivered fully packaged and protected within its box. The service does not include the assembly of products that require assembly, or delivery within the home; however, the client may request a quote for said service.
– Product delivery. Before signing the delivery note, the client must inspect the packaging in order to inspect whether there is any damage that may have been produced during transport. The packaging may show signs of wear, which does not imply the deterioration of the merchandise.
Only accept merchandise received in perfect conditions. If you decide to accept merchandise that shows signs of deterioration or damage, please indicate this beside your signature on the delivery note. In this case, please contact us immediately, indicating your order number and notify us of the possible damage observed, attaching photographs and ensuring that you keep the original packaging. We will be delighted to replace any piece that is damaged or not delivered which is detected at the time of delivery of the merchandise in question. BEFORE COMPLETING ANY PURCHASE, VERIFY THE DIMENSIONS OF THE FURNITURE AND THE ACCESS (DOORS, STAIRS, ETC.) TO THE PLACE OF DELIVERY.  UNAMO design is not responsible for any incidents that may occur in this respect.

* This contract is subject to Spanish legislation, which will be application in relation to elements not specified with regards to interpretation, validity and execution.