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When we find an Angel in the field

The work helps always, since work is not to make what one imagined, but discover that one has inside.

Boris Leonídovich Pasternak (1890-1960) Russian Author and Poet

Son of a cabinet-maker, Angel was formed in the art of treatment and modeling of matter to get determination and affection to his work. Person in appearance simple, friendly treatment, with a glint in the eyes only own of those who know the taste by the smell of freshly polished wood, the touch of the hands that work and are exhausted, resentful and satisfied by what they have accomplished: tame the piece to make the design look. Unstoppable, our friend has shown that if life stops us we are moving ahead, if things are twisted, put hands to work to straighten them. With an illusion that don’t stop, with an angel hooking. And so is he, and for that reason this is our tribute on this occasion.

Because there is no day that admit excuse or delay, because the artist does not rest, because “The pleasure that accompanies the work put into oblivion fatigue” Horacio (65 AC-8 AC) Latin Poet.

We hear your tips full of experiences and enjoy the time sharing at the workshop. Angel, your name accompanies your dedication, give wings to ideas that sail between numbers and sketches and the beams to vibrate when they have been born in your hands. The synergy that comes with this friendship becomes essential in this area in which we operate, where the disappointment  and discouragement are sometimes unfair price that commitment to design, where the threat of the economy how fast and series flogging the sleep of those who seek above all quality. Thanks friend.